Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Classical Music Group - Oriental Music Orchestra

Oriental Music Orchestra
Sri Lanka's first multi-ethnic oriental music orchestra, showcasing the diverse ethnic and regional musical traditions that exist in the country will perform again at the Jaffna Music Festival 2013. The Oriental Music Orchestra works towards bringing together talented youngsters from different ethnic groups in Sri Lanka.

Vadya Nipun Sangeeth Visharad Dr. (Mrs) Nirmala Kumari Rodrigo is an educator and Sitarist par excellence. She was the first Sri Lankan to obtain a Doctor of Music, Performances and Composition from the Banaras Hindu University.

Shasthrapathi Kumara Liyanawatte is a renowned flutist well versed in both the Hindistani and Carnatic traditions of classical music. Shasthrapathi Kumara Liyanawatte has performed in several international venues. He received his Masters in Music from the Banaras Hindu University.

Mrs. Rathai Kumarathas is a former music producer at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation for almost a decade. Mrs. Kumarathas is an experienced veena artist and vocalist in the Carnatic tradition.

Mr. Suntharamoorthy Gobithas is a Lecturer at the University of Jaffna and President of Sangamam Institute. Issai Kalai Mani Suntharamoorthy Gobithas is a violinist in the Carnatic tradition, who has performed both in local and international venues.

The orchestra project was spearheaded by the Institute of Human Excellence (IHE) and Aru Sri Art Theater. The project is funded by the Music Cooperation between Norway and Sri Lanka.

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