Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Musicmatters Collective

The Musicmatters Collective

The Musicmatters Collective is an ensemble dedicated to the exploration of creative music-making. The musicians of The Musicmatters Collective are all affiliated with Musicmatters in Colombo, where they conduct music lessons, experiment with various approaches to music-making, and organize performances.

This particular project sees the collective presenting music inspired by the improvisational tradition of jazz, based on melodies from Sri Lankan folk music.

Sumudi Suraweera, backed by his long-term research on Sri Lankan Low Country drumming, brings an original approach and sound to the drums. Isaac Smith from New Zealand has been residing in Sri Lanka for the past two years, teaching, initiating various musical projects and introducing the double-bass to young Sri Lankan musicians.
One such musician who has taken up the study of the double-bass is the exceptionally talented Uvindu Perera. The guitarist and violinist of the collective are respected and established musicians in their own right: Sarani Perera in the progressive music scene, and Eshantha Peiris as one of the most acclaimed classical pianists in Sri Lanka. Their strongest influence for this project is perhaps their common study of Indian classical music. Short-term Musicmatters resident – Bastian Dunker from Berlin, adds yet another dimension to the collective with his influences and experience with European improvisational music. The musicians of The Musicmatters Collective have performed around the world with various other projects; in Europe, Australia, United States, India, China and New Zealand.

The Musicmatters Collective promises a highly skilled music performance, with a unique and exciting approach to Sri Lankan folk melodies. This is a must see at the  Jaffna Music Festival 2013.

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