Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ravibandu Vidyapathi Drum Ensemble

Ravibandu Vidyapathi Drum Ensemble

The Ravibandu Vidyapathi Drum Ensemble is lead by acclaimed Sri Lankan drummer, dancer and choreographer Ravibandu Vidyapathi. Ravibandu was trained from childhood in traditional Sri Lankan dance forms by the gurus Chitrasena & Vajira. He later travelled to India to the Kerala Kala Mandalam, where he received a rigorous formal training in the Kathakali dance form. Upon his return, he established his own dance school, the Ravibandu-Samanthi Dance Academy, with his wife Samanthi, who is also a dancer and dance teacher.  He created the form of the Short Ballet, and has choreographed and danced in several critically acclaimed dance pieces which combine both the traditional and the contemporary – such as “For the Young Killed in War and Judas”.

As a drummer, he has explored and experimented with various aspects of drumming and drum composition, and has created new dimensions for traditional drums and drum rhythms.  The Ravibandu Vidyapathi Drum Ensemble has toured throughout the world, appearing at festivals such as WOMAD, and performed at the Kennedy Centre in 2008, to great acclaim.

Ravibandu himself has shared the stage with world-famous drummers such as Billy Cobham and Zakir Hussein. Today, the Ravibandu Vidyapathi Drum Ensemble is widely regarded as one of Sri Lanka’s finest drum ensembles.

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