Thursday, February 21, 2013

PALESTINE - Sabreen Palestine


Sabreen is a strong hub for individuals and organizations from all artistic backgrounds and disciplines.  It is recognized locally and internationally and operates through its main office in Jerusalem and branch office in Bethlehem.  Sabreen focuses on LIVE AND PUBLIC PERFORMANCES, Networking with Musicians, Public Productions and music in schools.

It conducts school concerts, live performances, and music education workshops for students, music teachers, and the general public in the Palestinian territories including Jerusalem , the west Bank , and Gaza.

John Robert Handal:

A musician, born in Jerusalem in 1982 and living in Bethlehem. He has worked with Sabreen Association for Artistic Development since 2003 as a percussion trainer and has led workshops for students and teachers as a sound technician. He graduated from E’cole De Frere in Bethlehem in 2001. John is a Percussionist and piano player, and has done musical arrangements for songs and documentary films. He is also member in many Palestinian musical groups. He has performed in Norway, Germany, Italy, Nepal , SRI Lanka and United States of America.  

 Charlie Rishmawi :

A Palestinian multi-instrumentalist, born in 1986 in Kuwait. Growing up, he developed a love for different musical genres especially Ethnic, Classical, Jazz, and Contemporary music. By age 11 he started to play the Piano and the Transverse Flute. He performed in many International festivals with different bands as a Bass, Guitar, or Oud player. After his graduation from The National Conservatory of Music in Bethlehem, he worked as a music instructor in The Dhow Countries Academy of Zanzibar/Africa for two years. Charlie has composed musical soundtracks for local and international movies and is currently working as a music teacher and music arranger in several studios. He performs school concerts with Sabreen Association.

Joseph Za’rour :

Started music since he was 10 years old ,playing traditional and oriental woodwind instruments such as Nay and Duduk, member of many local Palestinian bands playing Nay on  age 14.  He  works  with Sabreen Association for Artistic development at performing school concerts. Joseph Graduated from Cairo University and he got his BA in Social Political Science.

Samah Mustafa:

Samah Mustafa is a young talented singer from Palestine. Mustafa has recently graduated from Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance the faculty of oriental classical singing, and currently pursuing a master degree in music therapy. Mustafa has been involved in a number of concerts and programs where she grasped distinguished presences and ranks. Mustafa has worked as a music and choruses trainer never to fail mentioning working with patients in music therapy workshops.

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