Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Folk Music Group - Ritual Songs of Batticaloa

Ritual Songs of Batticaloa

Hindu culture in Batticaloa is very unique. There are numerous non-agamic temples in this region. The worship of female goddesses - Kali amman, Maariy amman, Kannakai amman, Draupathi amman are very popular. The annual main events in these temples are called “Chadankup” (rituals). The songs which are sung during these rituals are called “Chadankup Paadalkal” (rituals songs). It is believed that some deities can possess humans and these ritual songs praise those deities. These songs are sung either collectively or by an individual.

In this programme, the students from Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies, Eastern University, Sri Lanka perform the ritual songs on Maariy amman, and Drupathi Amman. The programme is produced by Ms. Priyatharsini Jatheeswaran with the assistance of Professor S. Maunaguru.

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