Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Folk Music Group - Maarai Kaatha Maveerar – Pasiyoor, Jaffna

Maarai Kaatha Maveerar – Pasiyoor, Jaffna

This particular Koothu has a rich history dating back 200 years. The Koothu depicts the story of Joseph Vaz the Catholic missionary who travelled from Goa to Sri Lanka. The story begins with his arrival in Jaffna and his trials and tribulations while on mission in the country. This Koothu has been written, performed and brought to life by Baladas from Pasiyoor. Baladas has grown up with this particular religious art form and considers it a part of his life mission to ensure its continuation throughout the generations.The Catholic Koothu is composed by charming Ragas, and appropriate dances. The performances were well appreciated by the spectators whenever it was performed.

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