Sunday, February 24, 2013

INDIA Ila Arun’s Musical Sandstorm

Ila Arun’s Musical Sandstorm

ILA ARUN a leading folk and Bollywood singer has been working with Rajasthani folk artists for last 30 years and has brought folk music and folk dance of Rajsthan in the mainstream of Indian Music Scene and made it popular all around the world.

The group consist of folk singers folk dancers and musicians playing rare folk instruments, like Sindhi Sarangi, Kamaycha, Khadtaal, Sarangi, double flute, Morchang, Been, Satara and many more. Dancers like Kalbelias (snake charmers) Bhat’s (Puppeteers), Bhopa and Bhopi (Pad singers) who narrates the story in musical form of Rajasthan., Bhavai and Sansi Kanjars, Tera taali, Ghoomars etc., …

Folk music reflects the traditions and life style of a particular community at a particular time as its roots lie deep in day to day life. Ila Arun supported by these group of musicians, singers and dancers from different walks of life, have been innovating and experimenting with these various forms of folk music, folk singing and dance which gives us the feel of moods and seasons, fairs and festivals, the sensuousness of the monsoon, the romance of the desert, the beauty and the elegance of the palace life, the rusticity of the gypsy, and the gay abandon of youth. These experiments make folk music relevant to the young and modern audiences of today. The outstanding result of this innovation is ‘Rain and the Rowdy Rajas’ a Fusion of Folk and Jazz music.

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