Wednesday, February 27, 2013



“Naadro” began performing with simple percussion instruments but their passion for percussion soon led them to master instruments from a wide range of cultures.

Today “Naadro” creates an electrifying rhythm and sound using both Sri Lankan traditional instruments and other percussion instruments to produce their own signature style of percussion. The group is constantly exploring the potential of using traditional percussion instruments from India, Japan, Latin America and Africa along with traditional Sri Lankan drums to create new percussion music.

This blend of world percussion music traditions and styles has attracted a large and growing following across the world. The group has toured India, Singapore, Australia, South Africa and USA.

 “Naadro” has composed many of their own original pieces complementing the wonderful repertoire of world traditional percussion music they perform so masterfully. They are popular background music artists used for Sri Lankan movies and songs.  The group conducts programmes for school children to popularize percussion music among the younger generation.

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