Sunday, February 24, 2013

NORWAY - Casa Murilo



Many years ago, two Englishmen met two Norwegian girls in Brazil. They lived together with a man called Murilo and had many adventures. Sometime later they left Murilo behind and moved to Norway, where the Englishmen started a band and named it after him as a dedication. The powerhouse called

CASA MURILO quickly built something of a reputation on the Oslo underground for their wild, energetic live show. They are playing all over the country and a lot of nice things are said about them, including being described as "Norway's Best Band" by the renown Plan B Magazine. Their second album “The Rise And Fall” was released in 2012 and got numerous good reviews.

The Casa Murilo crew originally consists of six members. In Jaffna, you will meet the two founders of the band, Chris Winfield and Dan Hesketh. Chris and Dan will give duo concerts during JMF, but also perform at the main stage with the Bangladeshi band Chirkutt, whom they met during the 2012 Casa Murilo Asia Tour. The two bands quickly became musical friends and gave a large joint outdoor concert in Dhaka. In Jaffna, to everyone’s delight, they will meet again. What do you get when you mix a indierock band from Norway and a folk fusion band from Bangladesh? A very good time!

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