Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Folk Music Group - Pakeer Baith – Ampara

Pakeer Baith – Ampara

Pakeer Baith is a traditional performance of Muslims in Ampara. This performance is based on the sequences of a Muslim wedding from the beginning to the end of the wedding. It starts with the choosing of a groom for the bride. Then bride’s relations come to the groom’s home and register the wedding on Islamic law in front of Mosque Maraikkar and Lebbai. This event is called Kaavin. The Groom, his friends, and his relatives go to the bride’s home around 8.00 in the night. The interesting part of the Muslim wedding from a folk music tradition is when the groom reaches the bride’s home and sits on the chair and the special wedding song called Manamangala Malai is sung. The wedding procession finishes with the Sabaash, Duas and Sayiny Aaamin. The groom and bride are then joined together in their wedded life.

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